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I have over 17 years of experience in Makeup Artistry for all faces in all mediums - from simple to elaborate, for commercials and films. My first job out of high school was working as a Makeup Artist in Beverly Hills, and I continued to hone my skills through apprenticeships, trainings, and lead jobs throughout Los Angeles, Portland, and Seattle. Now in Missoula, I work all over the state, and in Los Angeles as a local as well. I am always training in the best application techniques and exploring the top professional products.

I believe what sets me apart as an artist are my diverse abilities - an understanding of appropriate techniques for stage, video, photography, etc., and the artistic ability to create designs - from a basic camera ready "clean" look, to a blood gag; from aging an actor, to an authentic 1920's Clara Bow. If you can dream it, I can design and apply it. 

To see my credits, please check the bottom of this page.

Contact me at tp discuss your project.

Creating a makeup design is a team effort. I listen to, respect, and serve your vision for your project.
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