From the set of The Ballad of Lefty Brown. This is my dear friend and featured extra, Stan Smith ( ready for camera. Sunburns and dirt all around! What an honor to have worked on this film.




Check out Lio Nicol's STUNNING arrangement of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah! I am so proud to have been the Makeup Artist for this video. What a beautiful creation by Ndigena Productions. Enjoy!

Below, find more samples of my work. Additional samples available upon request.


Camera ready makeup, also known as "clean" makeup - looks like no makeup at all, but what a difference it can make! Talent needs to be polished and ready, just like those beautiful sets you painstakingly found and created, and all the other details. You tell me what level of camera ready makeup you envision for your talent, and I will create it. Thanks to my models, and great actors, Johanna Ciampa and Jeff Medley!


Feature Film/Short Film

6/19-8/19 Two Eyes (Two Eyes Productions,) featuring Ben Rigby, Kiowa Gordon. Head of Department HMU and makeup FX.

12/17-1/18 The Bruce (A Mighty Hand Productions,) featuring Angus MacFadyen, Zach MacGowan, Jared Harris, Kevin McNally, Emma Rose Kinney. Head of MUFX and Key HMU. 

8/17 Far Cry 5: Inside Eden's Gate (Asylum Pictures.) Internationally distributed featurette, featuring Greg Bryk, Kyle Gallner. Head of Department, HMU and Makeup Effects.

9/16 The Ballad of Lefty Brown

(Higher Content, Armian Pictures, Dissident Pictures, Rival Pictures,) featuring Bill Pullman, Jim Caviezel, Joe Anderson. Team artist.

8/18 The Foghorn Trilogy (Steinberg Productions) Head of HMU/MUFX.

6/18 Outcry (Tombstone Productions) Head of Makeup Effects - creature design, prosthetic fabrication, application, blood work, and props.

5/18 Useless, (Fearless Productions) Head of Makeup Effects. 

4/18 Zero Point, Short Film, created and applied all Makeup Effects, custom made knife props, and all blood work. (Graham Productions.)

4/18 Perma Red trailer, basic and character HMU

3/18 Ladder Fools short film, (Zootown Media,) Head of MUFX, blood FX.

11/17 Perma Red, (Brooke Swaney, director,) proof of concept for upcoming series. HMU, blood effects. 


10/17 Bump on a Log, (Alexander Finden, director,) proof of concept. Severed leg prosthetic.  

8/17 The Conservationist (Ken White, director) teaser for upcoming feature. Featuring Kiowa Gordon. Head of HMU, Makeup Effects, Blood Effects, Wardrobe. 

7/17 What Is Done, drama, (Michael Murphy, writer/director,) featuring Mark Metcalf. Character, wound/bruise FX, Head of Department. 

6/17 pilot for The Last Okay Place webseries, Head of Department, principal actors and zombies, SFX and blood effects. Head of Department, managed team of 4.


12/16 Sparkler Bomb, fight scene, makeup and blood effects (Andrew Barnard Director,) sole MUA on set. 

11/16 trailer for The Last Okay Place webseries (Cassidy Belus Director,) zombie creator, basic character makeups, Head of Department.

6/16: Saving for the Day - zombie scenes - Head of Department, SFX Makeup Artist. (With a Cause Productions) 

6/16: Smog Road, short horror film, Head of Department, including SFX and all character design. (Zootown Media) 

National Work/Television

9/18 PBS Williams/Gianforte Debate

9/18 CBS Williams/Gianforte Debate 

9/18 NFL Films, This Football Life, Dwight Clark episode, Kelly Clark's makeup. 

4/18 NFS film about women in forest management, female interviewee (Gnarly Bay productions)

6/17 NBC/Universal, Peacock Productions show, Final Appeal (released 1/2018,) featuring Loni Coombs and Brian Banks, sole HMU on set. Episode 2.

7/17 Tom Vs. Time, Facebook Watch series. Jim Gray interviews Tom Brady, Julian Edelman for upcoming Amazon series, (Moxie Pictures, NY,) sole HMU on set. Episode 4.

11/16 NBC NIGHTLY NEWS, Denise Juneau interview, airing on 11/6/11. Sole MUA on set.

National/International Commercials

12/19 Toyota commercial. Square Planet Media. Sole HMU on set. 

11/19 Edward Jones commercials. Aligned Media. Sole HMU/wardrobe on set.

11/19 US Census, national commercial. Joe Pytka Productions. Sole HMU/wardrobe on set.

11/19 Healthcare Struggles, national commercial. Resonant Pictures. Sole HMU/wardrobe on set.

10/19 Whitney Williams for Governor Campaign commercial. Three Point Media. Sole HMU/Stylist on set.

9/18. 10/18 Kathleen Williams for Congress campaign ads. Sole HMU/Stylist on set. 

8/18 CocoBowlz, Montana Studios, sole HMU/stylist on set (Australia distribution)

7/18 Applebees, Daily Planet Productions, sole HMU on set

5/18, 6/18, 9/18 10/18 Montanans for Tester, Kelly Struble Productions, sole HMU on set

9/17 WELLS FARGO, Milagra Productions, Head of Department, HMU. (Latin America distribution)

6/17 GMC/Discovery Channel spot, featuring Greg Yaitanes, (Mrs. K production,) sole HMU and wardrobe on set.

12/16 CHEVRON national commercials, (Ren Kelley Productions,) sole HMU on set.

10/16 JOHNNY WALKER "This Land" commercial (Anonymous Productions,) sole HMU on set. 

9/6: FIRST INTERSTATE BANK YouTube commercial (One Acre Films,) sole HMU on set. 

7/16: HILLARY FOR AMERICA commercial (One Acre Films,) featuring Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly, sole MUA on set.

9/15: LIO NICOL, music video, Hallelujah. (Ndigena Productions,) sole MUA on set.

Statewide Work

4/19 State Fund (Straight Eight Films) Sole HMU/Stylist on set.

2/19 DPHHS (Three Dog Films) Sole HMU/stylist on set

8/18 Reflex Protect, (Imagination Media,) HMU, Set Dresser, Stylist. 

8/18 Payer Health Care, (DH productions,) Associate Producer, Stylist, HMU

5/18 DPHHS- Montana WIC and Opiod addiction commercials and billboards. (Three Dog Films) Sole HMU/stylist on set. 

4/18 PWT commercials (Contrast Films) Sole HMU/stylist on set.

4/18 Grant Keir for Congress commercials (Nouveau Richards Productions) Sole HMU/stylist on set.

11/17 St. Peters Health Center rebranding spots and billboards. (Pilgrim Productions) Sole HMU/stylist on set. 

8/17 DPHHS smoking cessation commercials and billboards (Three Dog Films) sole HMU, wardrobe, on set. 

5/17 Rob Quist campaign commercials (Three Point Media,) sole HMU on set.

4/17 JP Greytak, high-end art designers, commercial, (Sprout Films) sole HMU on set. 

3/17 Missoula Federal Credit Union commercial (One Acre Films) sole HMU on set.

3/17 Western Montana Clinic commercials (One Acre Films) sole HMU on set. 

1/17 Roemers Point S commercial, (One Acre Films,) sole HMU on set.

11/16 DHHS MT ad for promotion of cancer screening (Three Dog Down Productions,) sole MUA on set.

10/16 Steve Bullock campaign commercials (Three Point Media,) sole HMU on set.

10/16 Women's Voices for the Earth commercials (Sprout Films,) sole HMU on set

10/16 Game Wardens of Montana commercial (SRCP Media,) sole HMU on set.

10/16 Crash Course, Patreon promotion video, (Ecogeek Productions,) sole HMU on set.

9/16: Steve Bullock campaign commercials (Three Point Media,) sole HMU on set.


9/16: DGA, Good Jobs Montana commercials (Director, Harper Lawson, GMMB productions,) sole HMU on set.

8/16: Denise Juneau for Congress commercials (Director, Nicole Harburger, GMMB productions,) sole HMU on set.

8/16: University of Montana commercials(One Acre Films,) sole HMU on set.

7/16: Steve Bullock campaign commercial (Three Point Media,) sole HMU on set.

4/16: Montana Meth Project, commercial (Wise Foley Entertainment,) sole MUA on set.



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11/19 Esquire Magazine Shoot. March 2020 issue.

8/19 Catalog shoot for Stanley Products, Verity Hoskins productions.

3/19 Guest instructor, University of Montana, HD makeup and simple FX.

10/18 Guest instructor at the University of Montana Film School, Production class.

10/18 Photo shoot for Ami Davis Designs, 2018 collection, model Joanna Ciampa 

8/18 CD cover, promotional images, branding images, for Wolf Redboy's single, Duncan Trussell Kills Vampires. Makeup Effects Artist, full Nosferatu-style vampire. 

6/18 Flagship class for CS Porter Middle School - Zombies and Wounds.

3/18 Flagship class at Hellgate High School - wound making. 

11/17 Makeup effect design and creation for Gruesome Playground Injuries play, Between the Lines Theatre.

11/17 Guest instructor at the University of Montana Film School, Production class.

9/17 Workshop for Film Makers, Covellite Film Festival, "How to Use Makeup To Tell Your Story."

5/17 Panelist for discussion about SFX makeup for film and television at Miscon31. 

4/17, 4/16 Off The Rack Fashion Show. Head MUA, head makeup designer. Managed a team of 5.

9/16 Presentation for the Montana Film Society on hiring a professional MUA and what to expect from them pre-production, on set, and post. 

8/16 Created demonstration videos for natural "camera ready makeup" for the Montana Film Society.

7/16 Missoula Lifestyle Magazine shoot with Mina May as model, Photography by Pamela Dunn-Parrish.

6/16 Photo shoot for Steve Begleiter photography and Ami Davis Designs, 2016 collection, model Joanna Ciampa 

5/17 Photo shoot for Steve Begleiter photography and Ami Davis Designs, 2017 collection, model Joanna Ciampa 

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