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Over 15 years of experience in film, T.V., commercials, and more - from L.A., Portland, Seattle and Montana.
Simple camera-ready to FX. 
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Feature Film/Short Film

6/19-8/19 Two Eyes (Two Eyes Productions,) featuring Ben Rigby, Kiowa Gordon. Head of Department HMU and makeup FX.

12/17-1/18 The Bruce (A Mighty Hand Productions,) featuring Angus MacFadyen, Zach MacGowan, Jared Harris, Kevin McNally, Emma Rose Kinney. Head of MUFX and Key HMU. 

8/17 Far Cry 5: Inside Eden's Gate (Asylum Pictures.) Internationally distributed featurette, featuring Greg Bryk, Kyle Gallner. Head of Department, HMU and Makeup Effects.

9/16 The Ballad of Lefty Brown

(Higher Content, Armian Pictures, Dissident Pictures, Rival Pictures,) featuring Bill Pullman, Jim Caviezel, Joe Anderson. Team artist.


8/18 The Foghorn Trilogy (Steinberg Productions) Head of HMU/MUFX.

6/18 Outcry (Tombstone Productions) Head of Makeup Effects - creature design, prosthetic fabrication, application, blood work, and props.

5/18 Useless, (Fearless Productions) Head of Makeup Effects. 

4/18 Zero Point, Short Film, created and applied all Makeup Effects, custom made knife props, and all blood work. (Graham Productions.)

4/18 Perma Red trailer, basic and character HMU

3/18 Ladder Fools short film, (Zootown Media,) Head of MUFX, blood FX.

11/17 Perma Red, (Brooke Swaney, director,) proof of concept for upcoming series. HMU, blood effects. 


10/17 Bump on a Log, (Alexander Finden, director,) proof of concept. Severed leg prosthetic.  

8/17 The Conservationist (Ken White, director) teaser for upcoming feature. Featuring Kiowa Gordon. Head of HMU, Makeup Effects, Blood Effects, Wardrobe. 

7/17 What Is Done, drama, (Michael Murphy, writer/director,) featuring Mark Metcalf. Character, wound/bruise FX, Head of Department. 

6/17 pilot for The Last Okay Place webseries, Head of Department, principal actors and zombies, SFX and blood effects. Head of Department, managed team of 4.


12/16 Sparkler Bomb, fight scene, makeup and blood effects (Andrew Barnard Director,) sole MUA on set. 

11/16 trailer for The Last Okay Place webseries (Cassidy Belus Director,) zombie creator, basic character makeups, Head of Department.

6/16: Saving for the Day - zombie scenes - Head of Department, SFX Makeup Artist. (With a Cause Productions) 

6/16: Smog Road, short horror film, Head of Department, including SFX and all character design. (Zootown Media) 

National Work/Television

9/18 PBS Williams/Gianforte Debate

9/18 CBS Williams/Gianforte Debate 

9/18 NFL Films, This Football Life, Dwight Clark episode, Kelly Clark's makeup. 

4/18 NFS film about women in forest management, female interviewee (Gnarly Bay productions)

6/17 NBC/Universal, Peacock Productions show, Final Appeal (released 1/2018,) featuring Loni Coombs and Brian Banks, sole HMU on set. Episode 2.

7/17 Tom Vs. Time, Facebook Watch series. Jim Gray interviews Tom Brady, Julian Edelman for upcoming Amazon series, (Moxie Pictures, NY,) sole HMU on set. Episode 4.

11/16 NBC NIGHTLY NEWS, Denise Juneau interview, airing on 11/6/11. Sole MUA on set.

National/International Commercials

12/19 Toyota commercial. Square Planet Media. Sole HMU on set. 

11/19 Edward Jones commercials. Aligned Media. Sole HMU/wardrobe on set.

11/19 US Census, national commercial. Joe Pytka Productions. Sole HMU/wardrobe on set.

11/19 Healthcare Struggles, national commercial. Resonant Pictures. Sole HMU/wardrobe on set.

10/19 Whitney Williams for Governor Campaign commercial. Three Point Media. Sole HMU/Stylist on set.

9/18. 10/18 Kathleen Williams for Congress campaign ads. Sole HMU/Stylist on set. 

8/18 CocoBowlz, Montana Studios, sole HMU/stylist on set (Australia distribution)

7/18 Applebees, Daily Planet Productions, sole HMU on set

5/18, 6/18, 9/18 10/18 Montanans for Tester, Kelly Struble Productions, sole HMU on set

9/17 WELLS FARGO, Milagra Productions, Head of Department, HMU. (Latin America distribution)

6/17 GMC/Discovery Channel spot, featuring Greg Yaitanes, (Mrs. K production,) sole HMU and wardrobe on set.

12/16 CHEVRON national commercials, (Ren Kelley Productions,) sole HMU on set.

10/16 JOHNNY WALKER "This Land" commercial (Anonymous Productions,) sole HMU on set. 

9/6: FIRST INTERSTATE BANK YouTube commercial (One Acre Films,) sole HMU on set. 

7/16: HILLARY FOR AMERICA commercial (One Acre Films,) featuring Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly, sole MUA on set.

9/15: LIO NICOL, music video, Hallelujah. (Ndigena Productions,) sole MUA on set.

Statewide Work

4/19 State Fund (Straight Eight Films) Sole HMU/Stylist on set.

2/19 DPHHS (Three Dog Films) Sole HMU/stylist on set

8/18 Reflex Protect, (Imagination Media,) HMU, Set Dresser, Stylist. 

8/18 Payer Health Care, (DH productions,) Associate Producer, Stylist, HMU

5/18 DPHHS- Montana WIC and Opiod addiction commercials and billboards. (Three Dog Films) Sole HMU/stylist on set. 

4/18 PWT commercials (Contrast Films) Sole HMU/stylist on set.

4/18 Grant Keir for Congress commercials (Nouveau Richards Productions) Sole HMU/stylist on set.

11/17 St. Peters Health Center rebranding spots and billboards. (Pilgrim Productions) Sole HMU/stylist on set. 

8/17 DPHHS smoking cessation commercials and billboards (Three Dog Films) sole HMU, wardrobe, on set. 

5/17 Rob Quist campaign commercials (Three Point Media,) sole HMU on set.

4/17 JP Greytak, high-end art designers, commercial, (Sprout Films) sole HMU on set. 

3/17 Missoula Federal Credit Union commercial (One Acre Films) sole HMU on set.

3/17 Western Montana Clinic commercials (One Acre Films) sole HMU on set. 

1/17 Roemers Point S commercial, (One Acre Films,) sole HMU on set.

11/16 DHHS MT ad for promotion of cancer screening (Three Dog Down Productions,) sole MUA on set.

10/16 Steve Bullock campaign commercials (Three Point Media,) sole HMU on set.

10/16 Women's Voices for the Earth commercials (Sprout Films,) sole HMU on set

10/16 Game Wardens of Montana commercial (SRCP Media,) sole HMU on set.

10/16 Crash Course, Patreon promotion video, (Ecogeek Productions,) sole HMU on set.

9/16: Steve Bullock campaign commercials (Three Point Media,) sole HMU on set.


9/16: DGA, Good Jobs Montana commercials (Director, Harper Lawson, GMMB productions,) sole HMU on set.

8/16: Denise Juneau for Congress commercials (Director, Nicole Harburger, GMMB productions,) sole HMU on set.

8/16: University of Montana commercials(One Acre Films,) sole HMU on set.

7/16: Steve Bullock campaign commercial (Three Point Media,) sole HMU on set.

4/16: Montana Meth Project, commercial (Wise Foley Entertainment,) sole MUA on set.


Email: ninapdoula@gmail.com

Call: 406-546-4697

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11/19 Esquire Magazine Shoot. March 2020 issue.

8/19 Catalog shoot for Stanley Products, Verity Hoskins productions.

3/19 Guest instructor, University of Montana, HD makeup and simple FX.

10/18 Guest instructor at the University of Montana Film School, Production class.

10/18 Photo shoot for Ami Davis Designs, 2018 collection, model Joanna Ciampa 

8/18 CD cover, promotional images, branding images, for Wolf Redboy's single, Duncan Trussell Kills Vampires. Makeup Effects Artist, full Nosferatu-style vampire. 

6/18 Flagship class for CS Porter Middle School - Zombies and Wounds.

3/18 Flagship class at Hellgate High School - wound making. 

11/17 Makeup effect design and creation for Gruesome Playground Injuries play, Between the Lines Theatre.

11/17 Guest instructor at the University of Montana Film School, Production class.

9/17 Workshop for Film Makers, Covellite Film Festival, "How to Use Makeup To Tell Your Story."

5/17 Panelist for discussion about SFX makeup for film and television at Miscon31. 

4/17, 4/16 Off The Rack Fashion Show. Head MUA, head makeup designer. Managed a team of 5.

9/16 Presentation for the Montana Film Society on hiring a professional MUA and what to expect from them pre-production, on set, and post. 

8/16 Created demonstration videos for natural "camera ready makeup" for the Montana Film Society. 



7/16 Missoula Lifestyle Magazine shoot with Mina May as model, Photography by Pamela Dunn-Parrish.

6/16 Photo shoot for Steve Begleiter photography and Ami Davis Designs, 2016 collection, model Joanna Ciampa 

5/17 Photo shoot for Steve Begleiter photography and Ami Davis Designs, 2017 collection, model Joanna Ciampa 

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